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Kimberly Collins
Cultural Analysis Consultant

Kimberly began working with Stop At Nothing in 2001, first as an employee and later continuing her contribution as a partner. Kimberly began her connection with SAN as a client, while she was managing an IT team in a large nationwide organization.

Kimberly describes this initial connection as life changing, and inspirational in giving her the awareness and courage to move towards a new endeavor in life. Firstly, to leave her corporate position to follow her heart and work with Stop At Nothing. Then in 2006, Kimberly finished her graduate degree in Transpersonal Psychology and began a non-profit organization, combining her leadership experience and learnings, to offer self-awareness workshops and mentoring programs to women in the prison system. “Trust the process” is a guiding motto, adopted from her SAN experience.

Kimberly enjoys traveling, encountering new adventures, and learning life lessons throughout the journey. She particularly enjoys connecting with the diversity of culture, people, nature, and animals on her travel expeditions.

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