By Stop At Nothing – March 2024

From Aspirations To Achievements


This March, Stop At Nothing celebrates the journey from childhood dreams to leadership, honoring the spirit of International Women’s Day all month long. We’re reflecting on the aspirations that have propelled women from their earliest days to the leaders they are today, acknowledging the little girl within them—her hopes, dreams, and the resilience that has brought them to where they are today.

Join us as we amplify the voices of women in leadership from within the Stop At Nothing team and our valued clients. We are creating a space to celebrate their achievements and the invaluable insights they bring to our world. It’s an opportunity to listen, learn, and elevate the women who inspire us with their wisdom and dedication.


“A few years ago, I reconnected with the little girl I was, the dreams I had, my innocence, what brought me joy, etc. It was such a powerful exercise that I put a picture of myself as the wallpaper on my phone (picture above) as a way to keep her present in my day-to-day and as a reminder to ensure that my decisions, actions, and choices not only honored me in the present but also honored that little girl.” Cecilia Calderon, VP & Senior Consultant – Stop At Nothing

“Remember to always chase your dreams. Hold on to those things that bring you peace and happiness, and don’t let fear redirect your path.” Rashundra Gamble, Relationships Manager – Meritain Health

“I was thinking about who little Susanne was, what she may have lost on the way, and what she gained. I honestly think that I am not far away of that little girl. I still want it all.” Susanne Oepen, Executive Vice President & Chief Operations Officer – Bekaertdeslee

“Embrace your authentic self and stay grounded in your values. Focus on nurturing genuine connections and uplifting those around you with positivity and inspiration. The most rewarding achievements in your future will not be in the tangible things that you produce but the joy of being a valued member of a high-performing team and helping others to thrive and reach their full potential through your mentoring and coaching.” Stephanie Padden, Director of Stores-Retail – La-Z-Boy

“Stand strong in the goodness within you. You don’t have to search for it elsewhere and embrace who you are. Carry your confidence into everything you do. Share when you’re happy, share when you’re sad. Look inside to find what you need and don’t be ashamed to ask for it.” Jennifer Rockwell, Senior Consultant – Stop At Nothing

“Lift up other women when you can. Creating safe spaces for learning, constructive feedback, and real talk in plain language. You can’t be everything to everyone know your boundaries and “no” is a part of your vocabulary.” Veronica Medina, Executive Director – Aetna

“Women supporting other women is the most inspiring thing for me. From my very first leadership role to my work today, I have been supported by some of the best women leaders. These folks reminded me that I’m not alone and that I am strong enough to do anything. Empowering women’s networks is one of the best ways forward.” Stacey Meade, Former Head of National Accounts – Aetna

“I would tell a younger me not to be obsessed with perfection because it stops you from trying new things. Don’t be afraid of failure – it’s a good learning opportunity. Don’t play it safe – take chances. You might find something you like and are good at.” Michele Wines, Program Manager – Meritain Health