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Leadership Development

Learn how to increase your emotional intelligence and leadership impact. This breakthrough leadership development series has been delivering game-changing results for individuals and organizations for over 25 years.

It provides in-depth and continuous growth and development for executives, with one week-long session building on another. The 4-part High Impact Leadership Seminar (HILS) series helps leaders change limiting behaviors and remove obstacles.

Executive Coaching & Consulting

Our propriety executive coaching methodology is based on nearly 30 years of success improving and empowering senior leaders of numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Our experience shows that sustained behavioral change requires moving past the obstacles of personal history, overcoming limiting beliefs and behavior patterns, and improving skills to deal with interpersonal difficulties. This is a major part of our focus with one-on-one executive coaching. Utilizing neuroscience, mindfulness skills, personality and leadership assessments and in-depth interviews with colleagues, we work with executives to create a deep, 360⁰ view of their behavior and impact on culture, engagement and performance.


Start with HILS-1

High Impact Leadership Seminar-1 is a unique, powerful, and transformational five-day, small group leadership program.

At HILS-1, we focus on deep self-awareness and self-regulation to improve leaders’ emotional intelligence. By the end of the seminar, leaders achieve a deeper level of self-awareness that helps them develop strategies for behavioral change. Participants return to work with a heightened awareness of leadership strengths and weaknesses that translates into measurable, bottom-line impact.


Testimonial by Howard Halle – Former EVP at Wells Fargo Bank

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