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PEAK Virtual

PEAK Performance Virtual experience is a vital tool for organizations to help drive high-performance and engagement behaviors as well as lead their organization through the various change cycles.

Though travel restrictions are still in placed, we’re equipped to support your team and help implement meaningful change. PEAK Virtual is a transformational program that enables change from the inside out. More importantly, we’re not merely delivering our previous in-person program online. We’ve adapted it to ensure it’s relevant, current, and useful (while being mindful of “Zoom Fatigue”).

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TEAM Virtual

Our virtual TEAM session combines a powerful methodology and proven process with expert Consultants trained to facilitate virtual sessions in a format that drives engagement, builds trusts, and provides a roadmap to clear action plans.

Stop At Nothing’s 30 years of experience and proven methodology for gathering direct and useful information enables teams and organizations to find the behavioral root causes of cultural and leadership strengths and weaknesses. Together we create solutions to empower leaders and their employees, giving them the tools and resources to create a powerful, effective work culture.

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PEAK Leadership Series

By adopting powerful self-awareness tools, you can significantly increase your team’s ability to respond to today’s challenges, while having a calming influence on those around you.

Build a virtual leadership and team development program that works for your organization. The modules are fully customizable to create a schedule, format, and combination of live facilitated webinar that work best for your organization. They vary in time, but each is less than a day. Select from a variety of modules, or meet with one of our expert Consultants for custom content.

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Virtual Coaching & Advising

Sustained behavioral change requires moving past the obstacles of personal history, overcoming limiting beliefs and behavior patterns, and improving skills to deal with interpersonal difficulties. This is a major part of our focus with one-on-one Virtual Coaching and Advising.

Utilizing neuroscience, mindfulness skills, personality and leadership assessments and in-depth interviews with colleagues, we work with executives to create a deep, 360⁰ view of their behavior and impact on culture, engagement and performance.

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