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Peak Performance Seminar

PEAK is a vital tool for organizations to help drive high-performance and engagement behaviors as well as lead their organization through the various change cycles.

This workshop is a powerful culture change instrument that enables change from the inside out. Participants of PEAK return with higher levels of teamwork and cooperation as they consistently become ‘part of the solution.’ PEAK will bring all employees on board to foster supportive, non-competitive behaviors.

Peak Performance-2 Seminar

The PEAK-2 seminar teaches key self-awareness techniques that are designed to anchor core personal strengths and break through barriers that inhibit top performance.

This highly interactive seminar provides crucial tools that unleash the power of attendees full potential in their professional and personal life. PEAK-2 graduates continue on the path to self-discovery and step out of their comfort zone to remove hidden roadblocks that are holding them back from true success.


PEAK Performance Train-the-Trainer

The PEAK Performance Train-the-Trainer program is an intensive and experiential training process designed to prepare future facilitators of the PEAK workshop to transform the lives of those within their own organization.

The train-the-trainer process begins with intensive study of emotional intelligence, human behavior and the neuroscience of change. Through a series of in-depth train-backs, homework to ensure depth of knowledge, and shadowing and co-facilitating live PEAK workshops, future facilitators are prepared to deal with any situation(s) that may arise while facilitating PEAK.

REAL Coaching

Discover the Coach

Discover the Coach is a 1.5 day, interactive, skills-based, experiential program intended to teach managers how to have direct and healthy coaching conversations that build trust, improve individual and overall team performance.

This program dramatically increases effective performance by targeting four components.

Women Leaders

Women Leaders is an immersive and empowering experience tailored for women leaders. This program is a journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment, enabling participants to find their authentic voices, embrace their true identities, and define their path forward.Women Leaders equips women with practical tools to confidently express themselves, confront challenges head-on, lead with unwavering authenticity, and cultivate a profound sense of empowerment.

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