We believe that human beings are the most valuable asset of any company.

We partner with our clients to create self-awareness based programs for leaders, teams and organizations that have a phenomenally powerful impact.

Our clients consistently outperform their competitors over time and cultivate a culture of sustained excellence. Are you ready to revitalize and align your organization to create a long lasting, positive impact? Contact us!

Changing the way organizations lead for over 25 years.
Ring Power

“As a result of HILS and other Stop At Nothing programs, we have been able to foster a more positive and collaborative atmosphere in our organization.”

Steve Fisher , VP Sales & Marketing, Millers Mutual Group

“Your exceptionally facilitated sessions take team members to a level of trust and cohesion within a period of three days. The normal progression takes years!”

Jim Young, Chief Operating Officer - Crown Castle International

“Attending Stop At Nothing programs results in people experiencing their professional careers in a more personally empowering way, which results in a greater contribution to the organization, and greater potential for the individual and organization over time.”

Howard Halle, Former EVP, Wells Fargo Bank

“Each person on our team returned with renewed insight and inspiration. HILS has improved communication, developed stronger relationships in the workplace, and helped us to retain key leadership positions.”

Connie Hodges, Former CEO, United Way of Northeast Florida

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that you can’t grow a team without growing as individuals. The High Impact Leadership Seminar plays an important role in this.”

J. Grover Thomas, Jr. , Chairman - Trustmark Insurance Company

“The Peak Performance seminar is an excellent investment. It communicates to team members the value which their leaders and the organization place on their growth and contribution, and has definitely improved personal responsibility, morale and engagement of my team members.

John Banfield , SVP & General Manager - Asia Pacific Transaction Network Services


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Unlock Your Organization’s Potential

Leadership Development

Learn how to increase your emotional intelligence and leadership impact. The 4-part High Impact Leadership Seminar (HILS) series helps leaders change limiting behaviors and remove obstacles.

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Organizational Transformation

Our proven organizational transformation process inspires employees to peak performance and enhances organizational growth.

PEAK Seminar

Peak Performance Seminars

A vital tool for organizations to help drive high-performance and engagement behaviors as well as lead their organization through the various change cycles.

Executive Coaching

Our propriety executive coaching methodology is based on nearly 30 years of success improving and empowering senior leaders of numerous Fortune 500 companies.

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