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Organizational Effectiveness Assessments

Honest, thorough assessments that lead to significant transformational change.

This is deep work with profound, bottom-line impact.

Culture impacts employee engagement and performance. Our proven organizational transformation process inspires employees to peak performance and enhances organizational growth.

Effective change in a company requires commitment, attention, and action from leaders in different parts of the business, at every level. Achieving true, sustainable change requires people-focused cultural transformation.

Best in class organizational transformation processes inspire employees and enhance organizational growth.

Stop At Nothing’s 30+ years of experience and proven methodology for gathering direct and useful information enables teams to find the behavioral root causes of cultural and leadership strengths and weaknesses.

This organizational assessment enlightens and empowers the executive team by revealing the reality of their organization’s culture and positive intentions. The process creates a powerful and effective work culture.


Organizational Transformation

Customized Change

True change is in the process.

Our process combines practical tools and expert facilitation to empower leaders and their teams to effect meaningful change, through four carefully orchestrated elements:

  • Assessment: Our data collection approach uncovers the underlying communication, leadership and teamwork dynamics that are often glossed over in traditional surveys.
  • Awareness: Our experienced facilitators use the insightful data to promote direct discussion about challenging obstacles and issues to achieving peak team performance.
  • Alignment: Our facilitated TEAM session is where it all comes together. Team participants experience full-alignment around the links and gaps between intentions, behaviors and actual impact.
  • Action: Our participants leave with concrete team and individual action plans to build on strengths, address weaknesses and provide real-time, on-going feedback to each other.

The result is a deepened commitment to behaviors and actions that will ensure the team’s success.

Organizational Transformation

Unlock Your People’s Potential

The key benefits of assessing and transforming your culture are:

  • Take stock of true underlying perceptions and realities forming the culture
  • Knock down barriers between levels, departments and team members
  • Eliminate “us vs. them” behavior and attitudes
  • Unlock potential for creative, high integrity and high-performing teams
  • Rapidly increase trust to allow deeper, more transparent communication

Practical tools and expert facilitation to empower teams

Organizational Transformation

Team Session Details

Achieve a higher level of organizational awareness

  • Length: 2.5 – 3 days, dependent on client objectives
  • Location: Off-site, determined by client.
  • Investment: All TEAM initiatives are designed with client input and followed by a proposal, timeline and fee schedule submitted for client review and approval.
Testimonials TEAM

Organizational Transformation

Our Proven Methodology

David Alban – COO at Ring Power

Create a high performance culture.

Organizational Transformation

Experienced, Real-world Facilitators

Our program leaders and facilitators have extensive business leadership experience as well as decades of mindfulness-based leadership development training. They have worked for and with Fortune 500 companies, small and medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations, as well as family-owned enterprises. Meet our facilitators here!

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