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PEAK Leadership Series

Relevant Topics, Better Results.

Equip your team with the right tools for long-term success.

Teams in all industries, sizes and locations are facing not only traditional workplace challenges, but also new ones brought on by the coronavirus.

Some have experienced growth due to shifts in demand. Others have had to cut back. Regardless of the impacts, leaders may be wondering, how will our team be performing in a year, or in a few years?

By adopting powerful self-awareness tools, you can significantly increase your team’s ability to respond to these challenges, while having a calming influence on those around you.

Now is the time to explore different perspectives within your organization, identify opportunities for improvement, establish more efficient processes, and build in healthy habits.

Transform Teams Anywhere.

Build a virtual leadership development program that works for your organization.

The modules are fully customizable to create a schedule, format, and combination of live facilitated webinar that work best for your organization. They vary in time, but each is less than a day. Select from the following modules, or meet with one of our expert Consultants for custom content.

“These have been great sessions! Thanks so much for raising awareness of these behaviors and providing the tools.”

Webinar attendee

“The webinar provides a fresh perspective to commonly overlooked leadership trends. For now, I would say that I have noticed the importance of the role communication plays while we are remote.”

Webinar Attendee

“This was an extremely important webinar for me learning to deal with change.”

Webinar attendee

“The webinar was extremely enlightening and appropriate for the current situation.”

Webinar attendee

“The format was great, I loved that it was engaging.”

Webinar attendee

PEAK Leadership Series

Your Results

Our Virtual Learning Modules have been designed to focus on:

  • Yourself – Recognize your own triggers and learn how to reframe your thoughts
  • Performance and engagement – Learn how to gain agility for quick adaptation and develop strategies for leading others into more empowering contributions
  • Teams and organizations – Assess current practices, identify internal blocks, and learn effective approaches for moving through stages of positive growth

The virtual modules listed below can be customized to create an effective series that meets your organization’s unique needs.

Leading Yourself and Others Through Change

Start Thriving.

In this interactive session, a Stop At Nothing Consultant facilitates a discussion on how to best lead yourself and others through the current changes we are facing, as a business and as people. Attendees will learn how to adapt themselves to the “new normal” and to exercise the resiliency needed to thrive, personally and professionally. Participants will reflect upon the different responses to changes they have been witnessing amongst colleagues and within themselves. They will also learn to anticipate and avoid some of the common mistakes people make when under the spell of change-related stress.

Utilizing Stop At Nothing’s Change Curve tool, attendees will learn how they can adapt to the new work environment, increase confidence in their ability to deal with change-related issues, and take greater control over the speed and quality of their response to changing circumstances.

How to Improve Decision Making Using the 4-D Process

Boost Alignment & Executional Effectiveness.

Successful teams and organizations adopt decision-making processes that are efficient, creative and cohesive. Many teams experience compromised decision-making in the form of:

  • Prolonged debates and discussions caused by unresolved differences of opinion.
  • Decisions that are made without adequate discussion and full participation, resulting in lack of buy-in and ability to anticipate challenges during execution.
  • Stronger personalities overpowering the quieter voices at the expense of creativity and buy-in.
  • Frustrations that difficult decisions take too long.
  • Seeming alignment that breaks down later based on unexpressed concerns early on or differing views regarding what was actually decided (lack of follow up documenting what actions will be taken).

During this session, attendees will learn how to apply Stop At Nothing’s 4-D Decision Making tool to promote stronger alignment and executional effectiveness around team decisions. Many times, participants will also apply this tool in resolving decision-making challenges in their personal life, whether within their family or community engagement activities.

Inspiring Team Trust and Productivity

Develop Emotionally Intelligent Leaders.

This session focuses on how to identify and eliminate behaviors that undermine trust and performance in an organization. Certain common and identifiable negative behavior patterns are prone to infect even well-functioning teams and organizations. By learning how to detect these patterns, emotionally intelligent leaders can more effectively lead employees and themselves to adopt more adequate responses that build trust, cohesion and productivity.

Each participant will leave with a plan to support, with greater intent and focus, a more inspired, creative and productive workplace. As an added benefit, attendees will learn how these patterns can play out in their personal lives, through their relationships with parents, children, siblings, self and more.

Understanding Personality Types using MBTI®

Strong Teams, Leverage Their Differences.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) highlights the strengths and weaknesses associated with team member communication and personality preferences. This helps to reveal how those differences can influence a team’s culture (defined as the prevailing patterns of behavior). Through this awareness, the team will act more consistently in support of the desired values and behaviors versus their individual preferences and tendencies. Also, in better understanding each other’s preferences and true intentions, people develop a stronger feeling of trust within the team.

Each participant completes an online questionnaire prior to this virtual session, which will create an individualized MBTI® profile. During the session, our MBTI® Certified Consultant explains the theory behind MBTI®, distributes the results, and facilitates interactive exercises to enhance MBTI® understanding. Next, the team learns how to apply the MBTI® discoveries to build a stronger team, and to support the desired values in practice.

Goal Setting for Professional and Personal Success

Actionable and Achievable Goals.

Attendees are provided with a template and guidelines on how to create SMART goals that are concrete, actionable and observable. This enables the session participants to directly apply all delivered techniques and tools to their unique circumstance and management profile.

This module, unlike the rest, is intended to be the first in a series of modules over a 9 to 12 month period. As part of a more robust virtual learning series, participants are able to leverage their learnings and insights from the series to construct a 12-month development plan.

Listening to Build Better Relationships

Attract Feedback and Ideas.

Managers who listen effectively cultivate more innovative thinking and improve employee morale. Rank and file employees want to be “heard” more than ever today. Unfortunately, for many, true listening has become a lost art. This session shows how to use the powerful techniques of reflective and empathic listening to inspire trust in management and to invite honest employee feedback and ideas.

This interactive session involves role playing of techniques and incorporates assignments to be used in real-world situations.


Mastering Difficult Conversations to Resolve Conflict

Tools for Real-World Challenges.

In this session, participants will be introduced to Stop At Nothing’s “Me, You, Us” conflict resolution tool. This tool provides managers with a process that inspires people to successfully confront and resolve challenging conflicts and/or difficult conversations.

Techniques and tools learned at this session can be applied in various situations, including conflict between the attendee and another person, or conflicts between two of the leader’s team members.

Taking Risks and Growing Comfort Zones

Developing Agile Leaders and Organizations.

Learning to take smart, calculated risks is an essential management skill in today’s ever changing times. In this module, participants adopt a self-awareness tool to help them override the natural human tendency to clasp to the known and familiar, even if the situation requires a new, and possibly unproven, approach.

This module can be enhanced by offering the Understanding Personality Types using MBTI® module. The mix of these two modules will lead to powerful awareness tools that will aid participants gain a deeper understanding of their risk taking appetite and comfort.

Start driving results with relevant tools.

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