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TEAM Development

High-performing teams start at the top. And go all the way to the bottom line.

A customized approach that helps executives harness people power to drive peak performance and healthy bottom-line results.

Our unique team development process differs from traditional team-building workshops. Our process enables all teams at all levels of the organization to improve and accelerate performance.

Stop At Nothing expert consultants work with teams to:

  • Increase openness, trust, and collaboration among team members and cross-functional teams
  • Unlock latent potential, enabling breakthrough performance and healthy bottom-line results
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Execute efficiently by removing barriers between people and divisions, improving alignment and breaking down silos

TEAM can be customized for a range of different organizational situations, including

  • Strategic Alignment and Execution
  • Annual Kick-Off Meetings
  • New Leader Assimilation
  • Cross-functional “Bridge-building”
  • Change Management Initiatives
  • Maximizing Output with Constrained Resources
  • And more

Transform into a high-performing team.

TEAM Development

Drive Peak Performance

Create sustainably enhanced performance

  • The team implements its action plan with consultation and guidance from the Stop At Nothing consultant
  • Once we align the senior leadership team, we cascade the same process down to the next level within the organization

Typical TEAM outcomes include, but are not limited to:

  • Team excellence vision—specific behavioral agreements and values
  • Individual growth plans
  • Action plans to resolve any team performance gaps
  • Plan to communicate the behavioral commitments and improvement actions to key stakeholders
  • Ways to sustain team growth and learning
cascading leadership

Create high performance with aligned teams.

TEAM Development

Results Are In The Process

The TEAM process is customized per our client’s organizational situation, but we always kick it off with an objective-setting meeting to get aligned with the sponsoring executive. During this critical first step, our consultant meets with the sponsoring leader to establish desired outcomes and coach the leader on how to effectively announce and support the TEAM process going forward.

Our facilitated TEAM session is where it all comes together.

TEAM participants experience full-alignment around the links and gaps between intentions, behaviors and actual impact.

Drive an aligned vision

The resulting action plan is a clear commitment from the leadership team on how they will lead the organization as a team, and how they drive their aligned vision of the ideal climate into the daily operations of the organization at all levels.

aligned organization

TEAM Development

The Effects on an Organization

Testimonial by Shushan Aleaqui – Former Director at Sprint Corporation

TEAM Development

Cultural Effectiveness Assessment

Achieve a higher level of organizational awareness

Incorporate Stop At Nothing’s Cultural Effectiveness Assessment. A proven methodology for gathering direct and useful information that enables teams to find the behavioral root causes of cultural strengths and weaknesses, as well as leadership strengths and weaknesses.

This assessment enlightens and empowers the executive team by revealing the reality of their organization’s culture and positive intentions. This process creates a powerful and effective work culture.

Empower and enlighten your executive team

Get your team aligned.

TEAM Development

Experienced, Real-world Facilitators

Our program leaders and facilitators have extensive business leadership experience as well as decades of mindfulness-based leadership development training. They have worked for and with Fortune 500 companies, small and medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations, as well as family-owned enterprises. Meet our facilitators here!

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