By Ted Powell – March 18, 2015

Ted Powell, a Stop At Nothing Managing Partner, delivered a TEDx Jacksonville talk on the forces and perils of negative thinking in today’s rapidly changing world.

TEDx Talk

Some of you have may have seen the speech. A number of clients have shared that the message “refreshed” the self-awareness discoveries they gained by attending our leadership development programs, such as the High Impact Leadership Series and Peak Performance Seminars.

While Ted’s message is tailored to a large and broad audience—those influenced by the media and politics—negative thinking invades our leadership and organizational lives every day. The fearful mind, which Ted refers to as the “drunken monkey,” can hijack and disrupt project meetings, performance discussions, crisis management efforts, decision-making processes, and virtually any plan that must be executed by a human being!

A few of our clients facilitate continuous learning through informal TED talk viewing sessions, where the team can view and discuss a talk relevant to teamwork, collaboration, creativity, leadership, etc. We think this is a great idea! You can conduct these sessions in 1-2 hour timeframes, during lunch, morning coffee time, or anywhere in between.

To help you share with your team, we created a simple discussion guide you can use to debrief the talk “When Your Mind Works Against You.”