How You Decide is as Critical as What You Decide

Mindful Leadership Series Video #1

A start-up has very little time to waste on prolonged disagreements. Learn how Iyad Tarazi, CEO of Federated Wireless, helped his leadership team use Stop At Nothing’s 4-D Decision Making Model to focus on making more timely and better decisions, within and across teams.

“We couldn’t finish a conversation.”

Many leaders and their teams struggle to make and keep critical decisions. Like many start-ups, Federated’s leadership team is comprised of highly intelligent and experienced industry executives. Each comes from a successful past life to create something ground-breaking. The stakes are high, and so are the egos, everyone wants to do the right thing based on what they think will make the Federated dream a reality.

This powerful confluence of strong will, intellect and desire make decision-making discussions feel like “swimming in peanut butter.”

Decisions don’t need to create winners & losers.

During the decision-making process, when the 4-D Model is not applied, people fight hard to win the day. Ultimately, team members make decisions without collective support.

The “winners” leave satisfied. The “losers” leave saddled with unresolved concerns about the decision’s viability. The collective angst undermines trust to the point where each member doubts the team’s ability to lead, execute and succeed.


How to Use the 4-D Model During the Decision-Making Process

Try the 4-D Model at Your Next Meeting!

To get started, share the video with your team, then download the 4-D Model handout below, and bring it to your next meeting to experience for yourself the transformative power of this tool. Drop us a note and let us know how you and your team did.

Video Series Part 1 Summary.

The 4-D Model is a powerful tool for leaders to have in their toolkit.

Leadership innovation isn’t possible when teams can’t Dialogue, Discuss, Decide and Do in alignment. We thank you for taking the time to learn about Stop At Nothing’s 4-D Model and hope it can make a positive impact in your future meetings.