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Rachael McCann
Cultural Analysis Consultant

Before becoming a Stop At Nothing partner, Rachael was invited to attend a SAN-sponsored workshop as a guest, where she was introduced to the power of personal development unlike she had ever experienced.

In 2011, she joined the Stop At Nothing family as an Cultural Analysis Consultant, working directly with facilitators and clients on the front end of Team Building and Executive Coaching projects to gather feedback, identify key themes in the data, assemble client reports and write comprehensive yet direct summaries that become invaluable tools for both team and personal development for Stop At Nothing clients. Rachael continues in this role today, and leads the IA Consultant team, onboarding and training new partners and ensuring adherence to best practices.

Rachael has been an independent communications consultant for the majority of her career, influencing a broad range of business initiatives, from research to marketing materials to web content development. What she loves most about the role she plays with Stop At Nothing is seeing the profound impact their programming and customized approach have on clients at all organizational levels. To not only witness but influence meaningful change and professional growth is incredibly fulfilling. She especially enjoys working with those repeat clients who have experienced the profound impact of SAN and who continue to be trusted partners and friends, along with the invaluable opportunities Stop At Nothing has offered her in her own personal development journey.

She is a graduate of Texas Christian University with a degree in Journalism, and in her early career worked in telecom while pursuing her side hustle in business writing. She and her husband relocated to Florida in the early 90s and have remained there since, where they raised three children and nurtured a number of successful businesses. Rachael serves as the Executive Director of the McCann Family Charitable Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to hunger relief since 2004.

A lover of all things creative, in her off hours you will find her painting, cooking, traveling and taking long walks on the beach in her beloved seaside village where she has lived since 2000. Having launched three kids into their own flourishing careers, she now patiently awaits the arrival of grandkids while enjoying the perks of an empty nest!

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