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Verónica C. Rodríguez
Vice President of Operations and Marketing

“Never let anyone tell you you can’t have it all. You can achieve anything with dedication and passion.”

– My Dad

In life and in work, there is never a dull moment for Vero. At Stop At Nothing her days are filled with a range of projects such as working on company finances and coming up with marketing strategies.

Her favorite part of her role is leading a wise and passionate team, which is eager to have fun while discovering how to solve the most critical problems to make their clients’ experiences and lives better!

Veronica first joined the SAN family in 2011 after a seven-year career at Valencia College in Orlando where she worked in IT and later as an Operations Manager. As a new SAN team member, Vero attended HILS-1. She remembers that experience as a pivotal moment in her life-she began a self-discovery journey. “HILS-1 is where I first opened my eyes and saw who I really am; I began discovering my own truth and voice.”

Eager to continue exploring her career, Vero left Stop At Nothing for a few years to pursue her marketing passion. Her path continued to cross with SAN as she brought them into her new work as consultants. After two years away, she returned “home” to the team and work that means so much to her.

She believes we can change the world, and having experienced the power of SAN’s programs, she has made it part of her life’s mission to let the world know who Stop At Nothing is.

Outside of work, Vero and her husband Michael are world-travelers who love finding the most quiet spaces with a backpack and some hiking boots. She has a high-energy Puerto Rican spark in her and loves to join family and friends wherever they are-Hispanic music and food are always a must!

When not traveling, Vero keeps herself busy with yoga, books, running, and participating in local and national community improvement gatherings. For Vero, learning never gets old.

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